High Contrast Black and White Books for Babies

High Contrast Black and White Books for Babies

When our daughter was born, we were given a few black and white books at our baby shower. However, it wasn’t until we started to do a little internet digging, we realized that these books were more than just cute additions to our book shelf.

In fact we found that due to  limited color perception at birth, babies have an easier time seeing black, white and shades of grey, which is why these books are so important. So, we bought a few and read them everyday.

I’ve put together a list of some of our our favorite black and white books that  have been tried and tested with both daughters. They are also amazing additions to tummy time!

Black & White by Taza Hoban 

An accordion book with a velcro snap that’s perfect for babies. Bold black and white images capture a babies attention and can be propped up in a crib or for tummy time. A bonus is that the book has two sides that will keep babies from getting bored.

Look Look by Peter Linenthal

Peter Linenthal is an art teacher who created a book filled with bold black, and white images that will memorize babies. Red text (thought to be the first color babies see) accompany each image and also capture the attention of young toddlers. Another book that’s perfect for tummy time and daily story time.

Spots and Dots ( Art Baby) by Chez Pitchall

Filled with spot and dot patterns, this book helps babies maintain focus and keeps them visually stimulated for a long time. It’s a perfect baby shower book for new parents!

Baby Animals Black and White by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Eight cute baby animals ranging from  puppies to bunnies captivate babies and peeks their curiosity. As babies grow into toddlers, they will continue to enjoy this book as they point to the different animals on each page.

Look at Baby’s House by Peter Linenthal

Another hit by Peter Linenthal this black and white book is the perfect introduction to objects inside a house. It’s a simple book that really helps infants learn more about the world around them.

Hello Baby: Faces: A High-Contrast Board Book by Rodger Priddy

Babies love to look at faces and this book is filled with bright colored expressive faces that will hold their attention. It’s also a great book to use with toddlers to discuss the connection between facial expressions and emotions.

Are there any other books that I should add to the list? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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