Fantastic Books that Celebrate Teachers

Fantastic Books that Celebrate Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

After a decade of being a classroom teacher, it’s such a special week to feel appreciated for all of the hard-work and dedication put into a school year.

Check out my list of books that celebrate teachers!

My Creature Teacher by Laura Leuck

What child doesn’t love creepy creatures? This fun book is about a special school for ghouls with spooktacular teachers! Not only do the teacher’s fix flying broomsticks and play with slime at recess, but they also show them how much they care everyday.

My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown

Peter Brown has a special way of creating picture books that are relatable to young audiences! In this book, a boy named Bobby has the worst teacher ever because not only does she yell, but if you throw paper airplanes you can’t have recess. One weekend Bobby comes face to face with his teacher at his favorite park and learns that things aren’t always what they seem.

My Teacher’s Secret Life by Steven Krensky

When Ms. Quirk is spotted at the supermarket and again at the mall trying on skates, a student suspects she has a secret life. This is a hilarious tale about what children imagine their teachers do after school and opens up the conversation about teachers being real people who actually don’t live at school!

Here Comes Teacher Cat by Deborah Underwood

In the newest book from the Here Comes A Cat Series, Cat fills in for a teacher who is out sick, but he’s afraid of kittens. However, he begins to have fun with his new students and even makes improvements to the existing curriculum.

Ms. Nelson Is Missing by Harry G. Allard

This classic book dates back to 1977 and is still capturing the hearts of young audiences. The story begins when the students in Room 207 are always misbehaving and their teacher disappears. Instead, a new substitute teacher named Viola Swamp takes her place and the students start to miss their teacher and follow the rules. It’s a special reminder to show appreciation for people sometimes take for granted.

Teachers Rock by Todd Parr

Todd Parr does it again with this amazing book that is an ode to teachers!  It’s a special book that really shows all the ways teachers love and appreciate their students with relatable language and illustrations. You really can’t go wrong with a Todd Parr book and this book is the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Mae’s First Day of School Written and Illustrated by Kate Berube

An enduring book that captures the true essence of first day jitters for both children and teachers. On Mae’s first day of school she declares “I’m not going’ and much to her mother’s dismay climbs a tree. She joined in the tree by another little girl named Rosie and a “tall lady” that all share her same fears about starting school. It’s the perfect story to show that teacher’s also have first day jitters just like their students!

What are some of your favorite books about teachers? Leave a comment on the wall! Also, pin the image below and follow my book journey on Instagram!


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