Must-Have Books to Celebrate PRIDE

Must-Have Books to Celebrate PRIDE

Have you joined in the 50th anniversary of PRIDE? June is considered PRIDE Month and if you have’t started celebrating, it’s not too late!

Here are my favorite LGBTQ books that families can read with their children. It’s important that we teach our children to be accepting of others and to embrace diversity. We must raise children who will stand up for what is right and spread LOVE instead of HATE.

Loves Makes A Family by Sophie Beer

A beautiful board book that stresses that the most important thing that makes a family is LOVE. Throughout the book different family structures are showcased doing fun activities together making the message clear that whether we have two mamas, two daddies, one parent or one of each, grandparents etc. as caregivers, what matters most is having fun together and most importantly LOVE.

Stella Brings the Family by Miriam B. Schiffer

When Stella’s class is having a Mother’s Day celebration, she becomes worried because everyone in her class has at least one mom, and she has two dad’s. But, when Stella realizes that she has so many family members who love her and are involved in her life, she decides to bring them all! An important read for children that really helps talk about diverse families, love and acceptance.

Mommy, Mama and Me by Leslea Newman

A wonderful book that focuses on a family with two mommies. Written in a simplistic style, it brilliantly highlights everyday and special activities a little girl does with her “Mama” and “Mommy”. The author has also written “Daddy, Papa and Me“, which makes the perfect pair!

This Day in June by Gail E. Pitman

Winner of the 2015 Notable Books for a Global Society, this book is deserving of such an honor. As  readers take a journey through a PRIDE celebration, they’re also reminded about the importance of unity, acceptance and respect for all people. Included in the back of the book is  also a helpful guide on how to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity using kid-appropriate language.

Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

A heartwarming picture book that teaches the power of love and acceptance, as Julian works to pursue his dreams of becoming a mermaid. Beautiful illustrations depict not only diverse characters, but also gender diversity and non-traditional families.

Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall

When Red came from the crayon factory( with a red wrapping), he could only color blue. But, when a purple crayon asks him to draw a blue ocean, he finally finds a place to use his talents. A brilliant story about the power of accepting one’s self, and not conforming to outside pressure/opinions to be anything else. This book can be interpreted in many different ways and is an excellent conversation starter about acceptance and inclusion.


What are some of your favorite books to celebrate PRIDE? As always, please follow my book journey on Instagram and pin the following image to Pinterest!

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