New Mama Fitness Tips

New Mama Fitness Tips

The first few weeks of being a mama are a blur. Exhaustion from sleepless nights and 2 AM feedings can make it hard to get into a groove and figure out a new workout routine. However, in the midst of this new normal, it’s important to find time to exercise, which in return will relieve stress, improve sleep, and build  self-confidence. Below are a few fitness tips to help new mamas get back in shape:


Grab headphones, a podcast or book on tape and start walking. If you can’t walk outside because of weather conditions, find an indoor shopping center and walk. You can also get those extra steps in by parking in the furthest parking spot before heading shopping or meeting a friend for a latte. Recruit a walking partner to hold you accountable and schedule regular walks each week.


Wear Your Baby

Wearing your baby is a great way to bond and can also help mama’s regain strength. The best part about wearing your baby is that you don’t even need fancy equipment to start burning calories. A few sample exercises could include lunges, squats and tricep dips. Find a set of stairs and walk up and down a few times to really feel the burn.


Early Morning Routine

Establish an early morning routine a couple times of week before the baby wakes up and stick to it. Pop on a workout video or join a gym such as Orange Theory with early morning hours. After a morning workout, you’ll be ready to tackle the day with more energy!


Bring Baby

Many workout classes offer opportunities for mama’s to workout with babies in tow, which means that you don’t have to find childcare or wake up extra early. Not only is this a great way to make friends, you’re getting fit. My favorites are Fit4Mom and Mommy and Me Yoga (with Desi Bartlett, if you live in LA). 


Online Workouts and DVD’s

Set up a designated workout area in your home filled with workout equipment ( free weights, yoga mat, medicine ball etc). Turn on a workout video and get to work. You can totally sneak in a quick 20 minute workout during nap time. The following are excellent streaming and DVD options: 


Around the Town Workout

Take advantage of your environment to always sneak in a quick workout.  While waiting for a doctors appointment, use a bench for tricep dips or do some bicep curls in the shopping aisle while selecting a bottle of wine. You may get funny looks, but as a new mama you’ve got to get a workout in any way you can.



Be flexible with your workout schedule and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have to skip a workout due to exhaustion from being up all night or an extra fussy newborn, just make a plan to go the next day and DON’T STRESS. 



 If you and your partner are both gym junkies, creating a calendar will keep you both on track with your fitness goals. It will also help to ensure that you’re both getting equal gym time.

What are some of your favorite workout tips and tricks for new mamas?

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